ESG Switchable™ Glass

Over five years of development have gone into creating ESG Switchable Glass systems in response to customer needs for more advanced solutions to suit their design requirements. ESG’s new range includes a variety of films to suit different applications, electrical systems with discrete wiring and bus bars; and a new fader control option. ESG Switchable™ is the switchable glass of choice for architects, partitioners and interior specialists.

ESG Switchable™ is available in sizing up to 1800mm x 3500mm, custom shapes and sizes, and can be combined with any of our range of security or fire resistant glass products for a total glass solution. Using only the best carefully selected materials, ESG offers bespoke solutions to fit different applications such as:
• Showers and Wet Rooms
• Partitioning
• Corporate and Offices
• Health
• Residential

Advanced Features

• The largest size film on the market - 800mm x 3500mm
• High quality film with less haze
• Fader Control option available
• Electrical systems featuring discrete wiring and bus bars
• Can be combined with certified ESG fire resistant and security glass products, acoustic and decorative interlayers
• Can be incorporated in curved panels, cut into odd shapes or even hole punched to accommodate specific display applications
• No distraction of shutters. Not susceptible to mechanical failure like powered shutters, curtains or blinds
• Blocks 99% of UV rays
• Range of voltage options from 24v upwards
• Life expectancy of up to 25 Years with due care
• 5 year warranty - Glass
• 1 year warranty - Electrical components
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ESG Switchable™ Glass - Power Off
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ESG Switchable™ Glass - Power On
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Applications for ESG Switchable™ LCD Privacy Glass include:

Showers & Wet Rooms

ESG Switchable™ can be used to open up small bathrooms through increasing the levels of light and space - thus creating a much more pleasant ambience for users. This makes our privacy glass the preferred choice for use in small hotel bathrooms as well as in larger areas as a modern design feature.
• Safe and fully certified to use in wet areas
• Low working voltage from 24v
• Full system solutions
• Bespoke hinges and fittings


ESG Switchable™ is increasingly being used in personal residences - whether this is to divert the public gaze away from your house within a built up area or to create areas of privacy within your home. It can even be used as a back projection screen to watch the latest DVD releases or play the latest games.
• Low voltage
• Fader control available
• Can be combined with home automation systems
• Can be used in window/bathroom or overlooked glazing, home office and studies, bath and shower screens, family areas, bedrooms and conservatories

Corporate Use

ESG Switchable™ LCD Privacy Glass products are available in custom sizes and shapes, making it an ideal choice for architects and designers when creating conference rooms, office & boardroom partition screens, doors, sliding/folding doors, windows and even roof-lights.
• Largest sizing on the market - perfect for partitioning
• Coloured interlayers available
• Optional attributes such as security, fire resistance and decorative interlayers available
• Can be used as a rear projection screen

ESG Aspire Sliding-Folding Door System

The ESG Aspire is a premium Sliding-Folding door system for interior use, offering quality and design excellence. Using an elegant frameless design and with no need for a bottom track, it adds a luxurious design feature wherever it is used to divide living and working space while still allowing light to flow through.
• ESG supply, and can install, the complete system incorporating ESG Switchable™ LCD Privacy Glass, low voltage track and conductive fittings with accompanying electrical control technology.
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ESG Switchable™ Glass - Power Off
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ESG Switchable™ Glass - Power On

Technical Specifications

Glass Colour: Can be combined with colour interlayers, a wide range of tinted or patterned glass to meet bespoke requirements
Glass Type: Low iron, annealed, heat strengthened, tempered (all laminated)
Thickness: Various from 10 mm to multi-layer laminates
Size: Maximum size: 1800mm x 3500mm
Shape: Any Shape including holes
Environmental: Storage –20 °C to 70 °C (–4 °F to 158 °F)
Operation: 0 °C – 70 °C (32 °F – 160 °F)
Electrical: – Driving voltage: from 24 volts A.C.
– Current: 200 mA per square metre
– Power: 10 Watts per square metre
Switching Time: Approx. 100 milliseconds at room temperature
Life: Up to 25 Years with due care

Our Quality Standards – Your Assurance

We are committed to giving customer satisfaction through service provision of the highest standard. This applies to all areas of our business and is central to our mission.

Our products are tested in house and by Europe’s leading independent, third-party certifiers and testers such as BRE and the British Standards Institute which distinguish our products and services from our competitors, and gives you, our customers, confidence about their performance.

Benefits to our Customers

• Total glass solution with ESG Controllable Intelligent Glass Systems
• Manufactured in UK so full technical support and backup
• Supply and installation service
• Electrical systems supply and fit service available
• Solutions for a wide variety of applications
• UK and European-wide delivery service on ESG’s own fleet
• Crating and shipping export service
Can’t find what you're looking for?
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